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Smardzewice is a wonderfull place to visit


            Smardzewice I situated in  central Poland. The village is in the outskirts of beautiful pine fir forests. It is a nice, clean land of lake and forests. Smardzewice village is a wonderful place to visit.
            People come to Smardzewice on holiday because there is Sulejowski Lake. Here 20kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide Sulejów Reservoir is an ideal artificial lake for sailing, windsurfing and other water sports – except for motor- boat sports.
It is a great area for sports lovers; you can practice water sports on the lake – from sailing and canoeing to diving or even fishing. In Smardzewice we can hire a boat and water sports equipment. 
            Smardzewice village has a small and nice beach. People often come here on swimming and sunbathing holidays. Children can also build sand castles or play beach volleyball. Here in Smardzewice there is a long pier too. 
            Also the lovers of the unpolluted environment will enjoy unforgettable experiences here. The special microclimate of the place was proved in many kinds of research. There are especially attractive walking routes. One can find a variety of fish and plenty of undergrowth in the forests. 
            The recreational Holiday in Smardzewice consists of many seasonal and whole year agricultural households, restaurants or hotels. 
            St Ann’s church and the Franciscan friars monastery make the village, mentioned as early as 1412, worth seeing as they are both interesting buildings of baroque architecture dating back to the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century.

                                               by Dorota Kaczmarek and some students J